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Making a Referral

Please do not submit a referral if the student has missed the final exam in class, unless there are other complex personal situations that clearly indicate the safety of the student is at risk e.g., suicide attempt or severe accident. At the end of each semester, we are often informed of students who choose to skip final exams even though it is not something the student would typically do.


To refer a student to Case Management (CHOOSE ONLY ONE):

  1. Complete the online referral form.
  2. Call the office at 828-262-8284 and leave a message if your call was not answered.
  • Once a referral has been made, you will not be provided any follow-up information. Please be assured every effort will be made to help students successfully navigate any challenges or concerns they may be having. 

  • Emergencies should not be directed to Case Management. For emergencies please call ASUPD at 828-262-8000 or The Counseling Center at 828-262-3180. 

  • Kindly allow ample time for a response to phone calls and emails. We diligently work to process all referrals as quickly as possible.

  • Please do not send multiple referrals through different mediums as it will lengthen response times.

  • FERPA applies to all student records, and therefore unless the student chooses to share information with you, you will likely not learn the outcome or next steps of any assistance or intervention offered to the student. It is important to note that referrals to our office are not intended to substitute for any future conversations and support you may offer the student. 

Quick Referral Guide for Faculty and Staff

The social, personal, and academic demands of college can place enormous stress on students. To help students stay fully engaged in the educational process and meet Appalachian's high standards, the University has numerous means of identifying students who might be struggling. If you are concerned about a student, please review the options below to connect with the appropriate resource for your student.

Reasons for Concern

attendanceAttendance or Academic Performance

If your concern about a student is based solely on attendance or academic performance, please complete and submit an Attendance and Performance Alert. Office of Student Success staff will reach out to the student about whom you are concerned, offer support and resources, and follow up with you. As appropriate, we may consult the student's academic advisor, as well. Please be aware that we are able to provide more effective support when we are able to connect with the student earlier in the semester. Questions? Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Success at 828.262.6987 or You are also welcome to visit us in 238 I.G. Greer. 


Academic Performance or Personal

If your concern about a student is about more than attendance (10 or more)/performance, the Early Intervention Team (EIT) is likely the proper referral. Examples of this could include a student's disclosure of the following: family concerns and/or emotional concerns impacting their functioning, or observable changes in appearance or behavior, sleeping in class, etc.

The EIT, composed of concerned faculty and staff from across campus, will follow up with the student's advisor and the student's other professors to see if concerns exist. If it is determined that the Team should meet with the student, we will reach out to the student at that time. The Early Intervention Team wants to ensure that the students you refer are getting the assistance they need to be successful and safe. Login to submit an Early Intervention Team Referral.

Please be as thorough as possible when filling it out. Martha Marking is the faculty director of the EIT. If you need to reach out to her directly for consultation, she may be reached at or 828-262-7077.

complex personal or seriousComplex Personal and/or Serious

If your concern about a student is even more serious, you can refer directly to the Case Management Team housed within the Office of the Dean of Students. The Case Management Team helps faculty and staff address serious concerns about students and are committed to the safety of Appalachian students and community. To share a concern about a student please complete the Case Management Care and Concern Referral Form

Examples of this could include a student's disclosure of the following: thoughts of suicide, interpersonal violence, or other safety concern that may need immediate attention.


If you are concerned about the immediate safety of a member of the Appalachian Family, you should call Appalachian State University Police at 828-262-8000 or, if off campus, 911.

Not sure if you should refer? Please do. It is always best to refer. If nothing else, it lets the student know that we are looking out for members of our Appalachian Family.

Still not sure where to refer? Start with the Attendance and Performance Alert. OSS, EIT, and the Dean of Students Office communicate regularly and will work together to ensure the proper intervention for your student.

If you want to consult about a student, you can contact OSS (828-262-6987), EIT (828-262-7077), the Dean of Students Office (828-262-8284), or any of the offices listed below: