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Class Absence Notification

1.  Communicate directly with your faculty regarding your absence(s) since it is at the discretion of faculty members to provide alternative arrangements with you and discuss academic options. Students and Appalachian affiliated personnel are no longer required to complete the App State COVID-19 Illness/Exposure Concern form.  
2.  Case Management will only send class absence notifications due to COVID for students who have been significantly impacted (hospitalization or long-term sickness which has lasted beyond 2 weeks). 

The Office of the Dean of Students provides Class Absence Notifications for students with documented emergent situations and extenuating circumstances.

Formal documentation/verification must be submitted including the dates in which the student was or will be absent from class. Please review the below documentation requirements. 

**Class Absence Notification requests submitted without documentation will be denied.**

Please note: any on-going or chronic health or mental health concerns should be addressed through the Office of Disability Resources. 

Notification of a class absence does not excuse students from classes and/or course requirements. It is a means through which information can be shared regarding emergent and extenuating circumstances. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructors and determine a mutually agreed upon arrangement for missed work. The ultimate decision regarding absences and the resulting influence those absences have on grades or course progression is at the discretion of the instructor in consideration of policies outlined via course syllabi.

Class Absence Notifications will be approved for Emerging/Extenuating Circumstances:


Health (including but not limited to):

  • Hospitalization
  • Acute medical illness, or injury
Personal/Family Event (including but not limited to):
Military Orders (including but not limited to):
Pregnancy and Parenting

If you are seeking a class absence notification for pregnancy or parenting please contact the Office of Access and Equity.

Class Absence Notifications will not be approved for

(including but not limited to):


The Class Absence Notification request must be made within 10 business days of the absence. Should a student be unable to provide documentation within 10 days of an absence, the Office of the Dean of Students reserves the right to evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, the documentation will determine whether a Class Absence Notification will be approved. Documentation must be clear, concise and submitted as follows:


Medical excused absences must be provided on official letterhead and dated by a licensed medical or mental health provider. The documentation must state the dates of treatment or hospitalization and the student's anticipated return date.

Example: Student cannot return to school from 2/01/2022 - 2/09/2022.

These specific dates of absence must be identified by the medical or mental health providerMedical records should not be provided including:

  • after visit summaries
  • patient instructions 
  • confirmation of scheduled appointment
  • list of prescriptions
  • hospital identification wristband
  • education about the illness or injury
  • all photographs (including but not limited to at-home testing kits)

Please note: Class Absence Notifications cannot be used to request accommodations or class Zoom options. On-going (3 weeks or more), chronic health, or mental health concerns should be addressed through the Office of Disability Resources. 

After Submitting a Class Absence Notification

  • Once the request and documentation have been submitted, the office will review and verify the submitted information. Submitted requests will generally be reviewed within two to four (2-4) business days depending on the volume of requests. 
  • Upon review and verification:
    • If the request is approved, a Class Absence Notification will be sent to instructors via email and the student submitting the request will be CC'd on the email.
    • If the request is denied, only the student who submitted the request will be sent the denial email.
  • The Office of the Dean of Students reserves the right to grant or reject notification requests at any time.
  • All University student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); therefore, any information regarding the outcome of this request will not be shared without the direct written consent of the student(s) involved, unless law permits. Students may grant individuals permission to their educational records by utilizing Appalnet and following these instructions

Class Absence Notification Request Form