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DAISEY Group LGBT Support Fund

This fund is made possible because of the generosity of donors committed to helping App State students who are part of our LGBTQ+ community achieve their educational goals. The number of students who can be served by the DAISEY Group LGBT Student Support Fund is subject to the availability of funds. At this time we have exhausted the funds available. Once funds become availabe, the application will reopen.
We encourage students who are in need of immediate assistance to reach out to Case Management while we await for additional funds, as other sources of support and assistance are available.



The DAISEY Group LGBT Student Support Fund assists App State students who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and are facing challenges that are significant barriers to academic success. Students who encounter an unforeseen financial emergency or urgent situtation that would prevent them from continuting their App State education may apply for short term, emergency assistance.

The fund was established by a grassroots group of individuals call The DAISEY Group (Diginity And Inclusive Support Empowering You). The DAISEY Group believes in the importance of a supportive, inclusive community and strives toward a world where everyone -- regardless of their identity -- can succeed. Their core mission is to empower LGBTQ+ App State students to reach their full potential by supporting them in times of need.

This fund is not a loan and does not have to be repaid.

We encourage students who are in need of further assistance to reach out to Case Management.


  1. Be a currently enrolled student at App State
  2. Be a member of the LGBTQ+ community
  3. Have a financial hardship resulting from an emergency, an unplanned event, or urgent situation
  4. If able, demonstrate current financial need with supporting documentation

Types of Expenses Covered (but are not limited to):

  1. Books, computer and other essential academic expenses
  2. Essential personal items
  3. Transportation costs related to the death, or illness of a family member
  4. Emergency housing expenses
  5. Assistance with utilities, food and other essential household expenses
  6. Childcare expenses
  7. Costs related to medical or mental health care and/or their associated travel costs
  8. Tuition and fees
  9. Routine or everyday expenses
  10. Other expenses that place the student in danger of not completing their education

Types of Expenses Not Convered (but are not limited to):

  1. Non-essential utilities (e.g. cable), household or furniture costs
  2. Parking tickets and other fines
  3. Costs for entertainment, recreation, non-essential travel or other non-essential expenses
  4. Consistent supplement to a student's education funding sources

Receiving Funds

Students seeking financial assistance through the DAISEY Group LGBT Student Support Fund should submit their request via the online form below.

Once your request has been submitted, the Office of the Dean of Students will review the submitted information. Requests will be processed as quickly as possible, and an email notification will be sent to you regarding your application eligibility and status.

Direct Deposit and Timing of Disbursement

Please know that funds are not transferred to your account immediately and can take 5-10 days to process once approved. If you are approved, funds may appear to decrease your current outstanding bill with App State. This is a temporary accounting effect of processing your grant funds through Student Accounts, and the funding will be refunded directly to you in the next refund cycle in 3-5 business days.

If you are approved for the DAISEY Group LGBT Student Support Fund, the quickest way to receive your emergency funding is to sign up for direct deposit in the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center using the instructions here.

If direct deposit is not completed, you will receive a check via US Postal Service. Be sure to confirm your "refund address" inside the Appalnet Portal. If a check goes to an outdated address, it can take multiple weeks to have a check reissued.

Please note: DAISEY Student Support Fund will appear on your student account if you are approved for funding.

Important Tax Information

The DAISEY Group LGBT Student Support Fund cannot be classified as a tax-free scholarship and may cause a potential tax liability for the student recipient or other individual who claims the student recipient as a dependent based on Internal Revnue Service instruction. Appalachian State University does not provide tax advice. Please visit IRS Publication 970 or consult your tax preparer to understand how this award may impact your individual income taxes.